Getting My MRI Done in Queens

When my doctor sent me to have an MRI, my major concern was whether it would be covered by my insurance or not.  Not all places take my insurance, and I could not afford to pay for such a procedure out of my own pocket.  While my doctor did provide me with a list of different places I could go, this did not tell me whether they would take my insurance.  That left me to my own devices in order to make sure that I was fully covered in the procedure.  Simply searching for radiology in Queens brought up a huge list of places that I would be able to go here locally.  I was able to look at their respective websites in order to see what sort of insurance they take.

Most places will have a list of insurance companies and plans that they accept, and so it was really just a matter of looking through all of the different lists so that I could find a place that would accept my insurance.  Obviously, getting covered for this procedure was my number one priority, but I also wanted to make sure that the place I went to knew what they were doing.  This was not anything invasive at all, so I would have bet that nearly any place I picked would be fully qualified to handle such a thing, but it is always important to be completely sure.  Basically, when it comes to your health, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Through my research, I found a place right by my home that would take my insurance.  I had the MRI done, and everything is looking good at this point.  It really helped that this was covered by my insurance.